The Twisted MUCK Player Editor

Twisted has a system in place for bringing up basic information both in character and out of character for players. You can search for these in-game using the approprate finger command followed by a character name.

finger tabitha
ofinger tabitha

This isn't just a useful feature, it is also mandatory (the IC portion at least). To set this up for yourself simply use our in-game player editor accessed, appropriately by the 'pe' command. Using it displays the following options:

[I]C MenuOptions for editing the finger information
[O]OC MenuOptions for editing the ofinger information
[C]olor preferences menuColor settings options
[T]oggle Options MenuAdvanced MUCK settings
[M]essages MenuOptions for customizing personal text
[W]eb Support EditorOptions for editing Web Profile information
[F]ind program settingsAdvanced settings for in-game displays
[S]ay program settingsSpoken text options
[L]aston program settingsPersonalized on/offline and laston information
[H]elpSelf Explanatory
[Q]uit Player Editor

Most of the presented options are self explanatory when you bring up the appropriate menus. Select a line you wish to edit and follow the instructions which display upon doing so. With the IC menu another important setting is the 'misc info' menu. This menu allows you to add any non-default information to your profile such as personal theme music or any random information you'd like to provide. 'edit stats' is set up exactly the same as 'misc info' but is generally used for things like a listing of what spells your character can cast or their special abilities. While this section is optional, we do request that you add the four stats from your application (Strength, Knowledge, Magic, and Superhuman).

To add a stat that isn't listed, choose 'edit stats' from the IC menu and then type the name of the statistic you want to add. It will then ask you to type whatever information you want listed with that statistic with instructions on how to remove them should you choose.


The web support menu is a seldom used function of the player editor we'd like to draw attention to. This allows you to set (or create) a description page for your characters that appears on our website. (example) You can see other examples of this from the menu above in the 'muck features' section.

Players who set a homepage or live info page picture will show on our website's 'user links' page with links automatically updated to the appropriate places. This will also allow website users to click on player names from the userlist directly for the same functions.

The option 'Picture for Twisted MUCK's picture gallery' should be self explanatory. Entering an image URL here will display your picture on the 'muck feature' 'galleries' section. (also available here)

Accept webmail is broken at this time. Restoring it's functionality is not high on our priority list.

Editing your live info page allows you to display whatever information you would like provided when players look up your character using the 'profile search' option or by selecting the approprate link from the 'user links' section. The live info page uses basic html code and editing it will display the list editor. Using it is a little confusing at first, please make sure you read the information it provides. The commands '.end' or '.abort' will exit the editor. Setting your image in the menu option 'Picture for live info page' will automatically display an image on the Live Info page for you. Please note that this is will also be the same image url displayed on your finger information.

Creating an in-MUCK webpage uses the same editor as the live info page and also requires a basic understanding of html code. As abusing these pages can slow the overall lag time for all users on the game, use of the in-MUCK webpages is not recommended.

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