Twisted MUCK Wizstaff Information

WIZ-ALT: Johnny_C
STATUS: Resident maniac, and head Wiz. RAR!
NAME: Jason Skaggs

AIM: marr0w
Y!: marr0w
ICQ: 15964586
XFIRE: marr0w

ALTS:Johnny_C (Neo Tokyo, Metropolis, ZekuKari, Twisted MUCK), Nancy (ZekuKari, Twisted MUCK) Excel (and sometimes Hyatt), Harleen, Senior_Diablo, Tabitha, Tenna, Wesker (Twisted MUCK)

RETIRED CHARACTERS: Marr0w (AOL, Twisted MUCK), ZIM (Metropolis, Twisted MUCK), Yoiko/Yoiko_Hibiki (AOL, Neo Tokyo, Metropolis, ZekuKari, Twisted MUCK), Death (Metropolis), Meatwad (Neo Tokyo), Azul_y_Rosa, Burn, Crono, Flynn, Freakazoid, Frylock, Gaspar, Grim, Happosai, Lain_Iwakura, Lavos, Mamo, Polly, QueenZeal, Ranma, Rimmer, Sally, Setsuna, Spangler, Stew, Valtiel, Yoko, Xipe_Totec (Twisted MUCK)

IC INFORMATION: Originating from the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics by Jhonen Vasquez, Johnny (or Nny as he likes to be called) has seen heaven and hell. He's been corrupted by demons and given unlimited powers. He's had his memories and abilities sealed away, stolen, used as money, and he's eaten a large number of burritos. Now this confused and abused maniac is simply fighting not to forget who he is. Very few characters have been both the hero and the villan at the same time...

OOC INFORMATION: Besides making videos and websites under the name, Marr0w_Productions, this former clerk of many years now dedicates nearly all of his free time to overseeing Twisted MUCK and making sure it's players remain happy and content, even if that means taking on hundreds of alts to give people someone to RP with. Contact me for -ANYTHING-. (Well, anything but TS.)

QUOTE: "My work is a game, a very serious game." ~ M.C. Escher

STATUS: Builder Wiz, Arb Wiz, Series Wiz, Jack of all Trades Wiz
NAME: Ashley Stap

AIM: Devithegirl
XBOX LIVE: Dajensa
XFIRE: Dajensa

ALTS: Devi, Nami, Cassie, Kid, Dark_Alessa, Shigure (Twisted MUCK)

RETIRED CHARACTERS: Dansha, Arlene, Bellerphon, Zaknafein (Twisted MUCK)

IC INFORMATION: A former normal girl, given power by the Great Oblivion. Watch out, she's got a sharp mouth.

OOC INFORMATION: If you ever need anything, find a way to get into contact! I help with anything I can.


WIZ-ALT: Charis
STATUS: Insane? Co-Head Wiz / Server Wiz
NAME: Dragonmaster Cale

AIM: DragonmasterCale
ICQ: Dragonmaster Cale
MSN: Dragonmaster Cale
XBOX LIVE: Dragonmaster Cale
XFIRE: Dragonmaster Cale

ALTS: Second, Miff, Vashtearnia, Luna, Iloken, Concordance, Miriam, Charis, Lalorien, Rigwroth, Aquariu, Blemish, Satyrn, Cale, Arshiva, Gegoshi, Purple, Ruination, Airashisa, Lithinaniya, Hope, Forinfel, Talinfar, Puredance, Myra, Tsuki_Hikari, Sipharin, Fya

IC INFORMATION: A big black dragon who stays in his cave with his treasure. HOARDING IT.

OOC INFORMATION: Immortal 17 year old!

QUOTE: "Eh heh. ^_^;;"

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